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idemarket was born in 2013 as a company producing digital marketing software. Our software & analysis experience in the industry has enabled us to achieve unique success in Internet advertising. Our team uses their own analysis techniques to reach the desired audience in every platform.

We have designed and managed internet advertisements of the companies known to everyone in the world. Besides, our biggest motivation source is the fact that the SMEs, which we started to work with, are among the leading brands of our country.

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Digital Marketing Processes

Real targets
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successful projects.

Digital marketing is the whole of many intertwined works, from website software to search engine optimization. Campaigns are collected by collecting data for the market and the competitor and always reach the goal.

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Social media Ads

The companies are interested in advertising packages of social media, especially for advertising on Facebook, advertising on instagram. How do companies use and support social media Ads?

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Most used software architectures

From project to project, we have answered questions that are often conceivable as to how software techniques are determined and how the layout of the software is established.

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